Our manufacturer produces the compostable and biodegradable bags

Since August 2010, we have been developing an entire range of sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics. Our Torise products are naturally made from resins that are derived from plant starches, vegetable oils & compostable polymers that are simply consumed by microorganisms that live within our soils. Our manufacturing capabilities include a variety of products: modified resins, shopping bags, garbage bags, dog poop bags, produce bags, garment bags, courier bags, gloves, aprons,zip lock bags, cutlery, PLA cups and tableware. All our products have the International authorized certifcatlons such as EN13432(Din Certco), OK Compost, OK Compost HOME(TUV Austria), ASTM D6400(BPI), AS4736 and AS5810(ABA).


We have steadfastly adhered to our initial vision, committed to producing eco-friendly products, with our manufacturing facility leading the way. Our factory rooftop is adorned with 2MW solar panels that provide us with power during the day, and at night, wind turbines further supplement our energy needs. We meticulously recycle water resources, and all emissions from our production processes undergo rigorous treatment before being released. Environmental agency inspections consistently find our factory emissions to be significantly lower than those of a typical restaurant.